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Blog Post 02/25/20 Want a Clean Energy Future? Talk to Students.
Blog Post 02/20/20 Reflecting on Two Years of the 50x50 Commission
Blog Post 02/19/20 Behind the Scenes, Energy Efficiency Keeps Plugging Away. But We Must Do More.
Blog Post 02/14/20 The Federal Government Needs to Stay in the Energy Efficiency Business
Blog Post 02/12/20 The Highway Bill is Looming. Enabling More Americans to Drive Electric Vehicles Would be a Wise Investment.
Media Release 02/10/20 Alliance Urges Congress to Reject Shortsighted Energy Efficiency Cuts
Blog Post 02/06/20 It's Time to Declare an Efficiency Emergency
Blog Post 02/03/20 Trump Pines for the Good Ol’ Days for Toilets and Dishwashers. But Those Days are Actually Here Now.
Blog Post 01/27/20 Cutting Energy Waste in Buildings is One Climate Policy These Presidential Candidates Are All Behind
Blog Post 01/08/20 Energy Efficiency Plays Key Role in Congress’s Major New Climate Plan
Blog Post 01/07/20 The Season Ahead - Energy Efficiency Needs to Step Up to the Plate
Blog Post 01/02/20 These New Building Codes Could Finally Ensure New Houses are Ready for Charging Electric Vehicles
Media Release 12/27/19 New Model Energy Code Will Make Charging Electric Vehicles More Convenient
Media Release 12/26/19 Local Governments Vote Resoundingly for Improved Efficiency in National Model Energy Code
Media Release 12/20/19 Latest Lightbulb Rollback Means Less Energy Savings and Higher Costs for Consumers
Blog Post 12/20/19 No ‘Bah Humbug’ This Year as Congress Gives a Big Boost to Efficiency – And Makes Clear What Needs to Get Done
Blog Post 12/18/19 Introducing the Energy Efficiency Impact Report: Finally, a Guide to the Numbers
Media Release 12/17/19 Tax Package Fails to Deliver Certainty Needed to Drive Long-Term Efficiency Investment
Media Release 12/16/19 First-of-Its-Kind Report Reveals Dramatic Energy Efficiency Impacts, Warns of Stalled Progress in Face of Climate Challenge
Media Release 12/16/19 Congress's Increased Energy Efficiency Funding Will Drive Energy Savings and Investment