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The Alliance to Save Energy

Advocates for high-impact energy efficiency policies Helps U.S. Consumers and Businesses save money Strives toward a sustainable energy future Leads bipartisan initiatives that drive job growth and innovation


Since our founding in 1977, the Alliance to Save Energy has been a leader in energy efficiency policy and advocacy. Over the years, the Alliance’s programs and priorities have evolved as U.S. energy efficiency policy has grown. Join us as we celebrate past achievements and meet our present defining moment.


Tax incentives are a proven tool for encouraging consumers and businesses to adopt energy efficiency, stimulating construction, manufacturing, and other economic activity while significantly reducing carbon emissions and lowering energy bills.


As energy efficiency enters the digital age, we must coalesce around a shared vision that integrates well-established energy efficiency approaches with the capabilities of smart and connected technologies, distributed energy resources, and key decarbonization strategies.


The Alliance to Save Energy is on a quest to advance energy efficiency. That means using our limited energy resources as wisely as possible, whether it’s homes and buildings that better manage energy consumption and hold their heating and cooling better, more efficient vehicles that drive farther using less energy, or smarter industrial technologies that use less energy for manufacturing and construction. Increasingly, it means using data analytics, connectivity, and artificial intelligence to optimize energy use across all sectors, from lighting an office building to designing a transportation system.




Help the Alliance advocate for policies to use energy more efficiently – supporting job creation, reduced emissions, and lower costs. Contact your member of Congress.


Energy efficiency is smart, nonpartisan, and practical. So are we. Our strength comes from an unparalleled group of Alliance Associates working collaboratively under the Alliance umbrella to pave the way for energy efficiency gains.


The power of efficiency is in your hands. Supporting the Alliance means supporting a vision for using energy more productively to achieve economic growth, a cleaner environment, and greater energy security, affordability, and reliability.