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Media Release 12/06/18 Alliance Statement on Daniel Simmons' Confirmation to Lead DOE's Energy Efficiency Programs Office
Blog Post 12/05/18 Looking Back on the Energy Efficiency Policy Legacy of George H.W. Bush
Blog Post 11/29/18 The 116th Congress: What are the Key Issues and Who are the Key Players?
Media Release 11/26/18 50x50 Commission Announces 13 Supporting Organizations Joining Campaign to Cut Energy Use in Transportation
Blog Post 11/19/18 DOE's Scout Tool Estimates the Impacts of Energy Efficiency Measures. Here's How You Can Use it.
Blog Post 11/19/18 4 Tips to Save Energy (and Money) During Your Winter Travels
Blog Post 11/16/18 DOE's Look at Smart Devices Should Consider the Opportunities of a Systems Approach to Energy Savings
Article 11/14/18 New Jersey Natural Gas PowerSave Schools Celebrate Energy Efficiency Awareness Month
Blog Post 11/14/18 4 Ways to Increase Home Energy Efficiency This Winter
Blog Post 11/09/18 Air Pollution is Deadly. Making Vehicles More Efficient is a Big Part of the Solution.
Media Release 11/08/18 Alliance Board Adds Five New Leaders from Across Energy Sectors
Blog Post 11/06/18 Low-Income Households Pay a Lot for Energy. Efficiency Can Help Cut Costs.
Blog Post 10/30/18 New California Laws Set an Example for Making Electric Vehicles More Accessible
Media Release 10/26/18 Administration Shouldn’t Tamper with Effective Fuel Economy Standards, Alliance Says
Media Release 10/24/18 DOE Proposal to Roll Back Lightbulb Efficiency Would Hurt Consumers, Innovation
Blog Post 10/19/18 IEA: Energy Efficiency is 40 Percent of the Climate Answer, but Major Economies Still Significantly Underinvest
Blog Post 10/18/18 New Disaster Recovery Reforms Will Build Resilience, Encourage Energy Efficiency
Advocacy 10/17/18 Energy Efficiency is a Positive Force for the United States
Blog Post 10/17/18 We Read the UN Panel's Big Climate Report to Find What it Says on Energy Efficiency So You Don't Have To
Blog Post 10/10/18 In Congress's Recently-Passed Energy Spending Bill, Clear Instructions for the Administration on Efficiency Work