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As temperatures rise, the digits on monthly energy bills tend to follow as we crank up the A.C. and dig out the fans. But there are a number of energy-efficient behaviors, technologies, and programs available that offer simple ways to keep down your energy expenses – while also being kind to the...

At the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings, Better Plants Summit, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm announced ...

The Alliance to Save Energy’s EE Global Forum is unique in its ability to assemble an eclectic group of energy efficiency policy and business leaders. The composition of this year’s event was no exception. I was fortunate enough to be on one of the...

Policymakers often overlook the enabling role of digital networks, including data centers, in decarbonizing other economic sectors. This positive impact is called the ‘handprint’ effect, as opposed to the sector’s environmental footprint. 

With 11 educational sessions, nearly 40 speakers, and even one virtual cocktail class, it would be hard to sum up EE Global Forum 2021 in a single word.

We are just days away from EE Global Forum 2021, the signature energy efficiency event hosted by the Alliance, on Tuesday, May 4, 2021. The virtual format means this is the very first EE Global open to the public – allowing us to bring...




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