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Commission Members

Commission Members


Commission: Member Biographies

The Alliance Commission on National Energy Efficiency Policy ( the Commission) was established in 2012 to to identify solutions for increasing U.S. energy productivity and aid in jump starting the economy.  Members of the Commission represent a balance of political perspectives; a diversity of gender, ethnicity, and professional disciplines; and key economic sectors. This diversity was intended to guarantee that the Energy 2030 recommendations are fully vetted and non-biased, and present the greatest credibility to policy and decision makers.

Commission Chairmen

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), elected to Congress in 2008, has reached across the aisle to revive the economy, support small business, reduce the deficit and champion energy efficiency. As governor of Virginia from 2002 to 2006, Warner revived the state’s economy by bringing 135,000 new jobs into Virginia, supporting public education, and turning a record budget deficit into a surplus. 

Tom King was named National Grid US president in 2007. In 2012 King touted the 20th anniversary of National Grid’s EE program, which collectively cut customers’ electricity bills by more than $2.5 billion. King’s long history in the energy industry includes service as president of Pacific Gas & Electric Corporation, president and CEO of Pacific Gas and Electric Company, and senior posts with Kinder Morgan Energy Partners and several Enron affiliates.

Commission Members

Dr. Dan Arvizu

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Fred Krupp

Environmental Defense Fund

Frances Beinecke 

Natural Resources Defense Council

Alex Laskey
President & Founder


Gregory Bridgeford
Executive Vice President of Business Development


Dr. J. Michael McQuade
Senior Vice President, Science & Technology 

United Technologies Corporation

Jorge Carrasco
General Manager & CEO

Seattle City Light

Michael Melaniphy
President & CEO

American Public Transportation Association

General Wesley Clark (Ret.)
Chairman & CEO

Wesley K. Clark & Associates

Former Governor George Pataki

Chadbourne & Parke / Pataki-Cahill Group

Michael Eckhart
Managing Director & Global Head of Environmental Finance & Sustainability


Susan Story
Chief Financial Officer

American Water

Anthony Eggert
Executive Director

Policy Institute for Energy, Environment & the Economy, UC Davis

Don Sturtevant
Corporate Energy Manager 

J.R. Simplot Company

Carol Eicher
Business Group Vice President

Dow Building & Construction

Susan Tierney
Managing Principal

Analysis Group

Sherri Goodman
Senior Vice President & General Counsel


Eisuke Tsuyuzaki
Former CTO

Panasonic Corporation North America

International Advisory Council 

Amit Bando
Executive Director

International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation (IPEEC)

Dr. Tienan Li

Center for Industrial Energy Efficiency, China

Stefan Buettner

Office Manager & Senior Parliamentary Researcher & Advisor to David Torrance, Member of Scottish Parliament

Ambassador Staffan Tillander

Ambassador from the Permanent Mission of Sweden to the Rio_20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development

Technical Advisors

Henry A. "Hank" Courtright
Senior Vice President

Electric Power Research Institute

Dr. Mark Alan Hughes

Penn Design & EEB Hub

Ron Edelstein
Director, Regulatory Affairs

Gas Technology Institute

Steven Nadel
Executive Director

American Council for an Energy-Efficiency Economy

Bill Fulton
Vice President, Policy & Research

Smart Growth America

Dr. Lisa V. Wood
Executive Director

Innovation Electricity Efficiency An Institute of the Edison Foundation

Dr. Paula Gant
Vice President, Policy & Planning

American Gas Association



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