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The Alliance to Save Energy

Advocates for high-impact energy efficiency policies Helps U.S. Consumers and Businesses save money Strives toward a sustainable energy future Leads bipartisan initiatives that drive job growth and innovation

Advancing energy efficiency policies at the Federal, state, and local levels is at the heart of the Alliance’s mission. The Alliance’s policy work is centered around Energy 2030, the bold but attainable goal of doubling U.S. energy productivity by 2030. 

Federal Policy

Whether on Capitol Hill, at the U.S. Department of Energy, or in the White House, the Alliance to Save Energy plays a key role in advancing federal energy efficiency policy. The Alliance develops legislation, provides analytical and advocacy support to lawmakers, takes part in negotiations over standards, and puts forth new and innovative ideas to help the U.S. improve its energy productivity.

State & Local Policy

States and localities have primary responsibility for many policy areas that have a great impact on energy use and efficiency, including building codes, utility regulation, and community planning. The Alliance works with other stakeholders to develop and promote successful state and local energy efficiency policies.


The Alliance amplifies its message on Capitol Hill and at the state and local level through a robust advocacy program.  Our Efficiency NOW Advocates are a coalition of over 40,000 individuals who take action by urging lawmakers to support a host of energy efficiency initiatives and legislation.





Help the Alliance advocate for policies to use energy more efficiently – supporting job creation, reduced emissions, and lower costs. Contact your member of Congress.


Energy efficiency is smart, nonpartisan, and practical. So are we. Our strength comes from an unparalleled group of Alliance Associates working collaboratively under the Alliance umbrella to pave the way for energy efficiency gains.


The power of efficiency is in your hands. Supporting the Alliance means supporting a vision for using energy more productively to achieve economic growth, a cleaner environment, and greater energy security, affordability, and reliability.