Survey Says: Energy Productivity Important to States and Cities Nationwide | Alliance to Save Energy
03/25/14 :

Survey Says: Energy Productivity Important to States and Cities Nationwide

The Alliance is building a new initiative called Energy 2030 On the Road: A State and Local Campaign that will launch in May 2014. The purpose of this campaign is to build awareness of the Energy 2030 policy recommendations and goal of doubling energy productivity by 2030. In order to design a roadmap for the campaign, we sent an Energy 2030 survey to nearly 400 state and local officials to assess the current landscape of energy efficiency policies and programs.

The results are in from a diverse mix of cities and states, representing all parts of the country and both sides of the political spectrum. Despite the range of ideologies, backgrounds and geographical locations of the respondents, there was a clear consensus on the campaign.  

The importance of state energy efficiency policies and programs

Cities and states responding to the survey ranked energy productivity as a high priority. However prior to the survey, the majority of cities and states were unaware of the nation’s goal to double energy productivity by 2030 – indicating there is a need to create an awareness building campaign for the goal and the Energy 2030 policy recommendations. Even the cities and states that had never heard of Energy 2030 before the survey expressed strong support for the Energy 2030 goal and interest in participating in the campaign.

The importance of city energy efficiency policies and programs


The survey also unearthed some very useful information about existing policies and programs, the challenges and barriers that jurisdictions face in developing energy efficiency programs, success stories, and biggest needs. This input will prove invaluable as the Alliance seeks to galvanize action at the local, state, and regional levels by engaging stakeholders in a national, shared commitment to achieving the Energy 2030 goal.

Thank you to all of the cities and states who took the time to share their stories and fill out the survey. We are looking forward to working with all 75+ respondents—and many more cities and states across the country—as we continue advocating for the goal of doubling U.S. energy productivity by 2030. 


Full survey report available here