Not Your Typical Spring Cleaning List - But it should be! | Alliance to Save Energy
03/20/14 : Alexandra Straub

Not Your Typical Spring Cleaning List - But it should be!

Spring cleaning isn’t just about shining up the windows or cleaning out closets; it’s also a great time to start an EE routine around the home!

Based on March data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average U.S. household will spend $2,050 on energy this year. Learn how you can save some of that money with the Alliance’s spring cleaning energy efficiency tips.

EE Spring Cleaning Tips:

  1. Wash clothes in cold water to save $30-40 a year.
  2. Clean or change furnace filters regularly. A dirty filter will slow down air flow and make the system work harder to keep you warm.
  3. Use low-flow faucets and shower heads to save on water bills.
  4. Reduce water heater temperature to 120° F to save energy
    and money on heating water; and wrap the water storage tank 
    in a specially-designed “blanket” to retain the heat.
  5. Seal air leaks and properly insulate to save up to 20% on heating and cooling bills, while also increasing home comfort.
  6. Use your windows shades – Close blinds on the sunny side in summer and open them in winter.
  7. Turn off all lights, appliances and electronics not in use. 
    A power strip can help turn off multiple items at once. (Sometimes
    the simplest things are really effective!)
  8. Change to new and improved light bulbs. Reduce energy use from about a third to as much as 80% with today’s increasing number of energy-efficient halogen incandescents, CFLs and LEDs.
  9. Install a programmable thermostat to save up to 10% on cooling and heating costs.
  10. Look for the Energy Star label, the government’s symbol of energy efficiency, on a wide range of consumer products to save up to 30% on related electricity bills.