Next Stop on the Road to Doubled Energy Productivity: Sin City! | Alliance to Save Energy
02/19/14 :

Next Stop on the Road to Doubled Energy Productivity: Sin City!

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, leader in energy efficiency

The AllianceClean Energy Project, Copper Development Association Inc. and Energy Works LLC are in Las Vegas, Nevada today for the latest installment of the Energy 2030 On the Road campaign aimed at educating local and state officials about the Energy 2030 goal of doubling energy productivity by the year 2030, and the actions they can take to support the large - but doable - goal. 

Cities around the nation can learn a thing or two from Vegas' energy efficiency measures, so in light of our colleagues being in the city we looked into some of the energy efficient practices Sin City has already put in place. In this case, what happens in Vegas, should not stay in Vegas! 

A Bright Future

Las Vegas is a city that shines bright while being wary of waste. In 2013, Vegas installed 42,000 LED streetlights, with expected savings of $2 million each year from reduced maintenance and energy costs. In order to explain the goals of the retrofits the city disseminated information online, like answers to FAQ’s, for community members to access. Vegas also hosts The LED Show, an annual event for engineers, designers, and industry professionals. Over 2,600 people attended the event last year to learn about the latest innovations in efficient lighting.

Driving Clean Transportation

Since 1993, Vegas has been a charter member of the DOE’s Clean Cities Program to reduce petroleum use in the transportation sector. The Southern Nevada Fleet Association (SNFA) has gone even further with the program, creating partnerships that make it easier for local fleet managers to adopt efficient practices. The result? 90% of the non-emergency fleet of vehicles in Las Vegas use alternative fuels, and Nevada is currently considering a “vehicle miles traveled” tax to create equity between traditional vehicles and hybrids, further incentivizing energy efficient choices in transportation.

The Community Cares

What truly sets Las Vegas efficiency efforts apart is how much the city values community involvement. For instance, the CELEBRATE program (City Employees Lowering Energy cost By Recycling And Tracking Efficiency) emphasizes the importance of fostering efficient practices in the workforce, and provides employees with the resources to do so. NV Energy, an electric utility serving Las Vegas and most of Nevada, provides efficiency rebates and incentives to homeowners. From pool pump rebates to refrigerator recycling, the utility offers rewards for a wide range of energy-efficient and sustainable practices.

Las Vegas is clearly prioritizing energy efficiency in a variety of ways, and we look forward to seeing the additional policies and practices that may result from today's event. It’s not much of a gamble, but we’re betting Vegas covers the spread by continuing it's leadership in energy efficiency.