This Moment Calls for More: A Message from New Alliance President Paula Glover | Alliance to Save Energy

This Moment Calls for More: A Message from New Alliance President Paula Glover

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01/13/21 / Paula R. Glover

This Moment Calls for More: A Message from New Alliance President Paula Glover

Paula Glover

What a time to start as the Alliance’s new president. My first day with the Alliance was January 4, following nearly a decade served as president and CEO of the American Association of Blacks in Energy. In the past week alone, it has become undeniably clear that the year ahead will present a whole new set of challenges on top of the tragedies of 2020 – but in my first days, I have been reassured by the sincere commitment of the Alliance staff and network of Associates to advance the cause of efficiency as a much-needed solution for the climate crisis, energy inequity, job creation, and so much more.

The Alliance’s accomplishments over its more than 40-year history have delivered countless real-world benefits for anyone who stands to gain from affordable access to energy, cleaner air, and a more resilient power system. However, this moment – from the continuing devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic to the new technologies reshaping our sector to the opportunity to work with a new Congress and administration – simply calls for more: more innovation, more imagination, and more drive.

My biggest motivation for this work is remembering the why. Why is this work important? Why do we believe so strongly in the energy efficiency policies we champion? For me, the answer comes down to the who. I think of the millions of people – particularly those in disadvantaged communities – for which the choice between electricity and groceries is one that rolls around at the end of every month. I think of the small businesses shuttering their doors as the pandemic drags on for which a small reduction in energy expenses could have helped balance the books. I think of my children, who will spend a lifetime enduring the impact of climate change unless we act now. I’m not afraid to get personal about why I’m here, and I’m going to challenge the staff here at the Alliance to remember their why in everything they do.

Despite the bitterness and chaos we’ve seen in recent days, I believe there is more that brings us together in this country, even in Washington, and I see a lot of possibilities as we look at what 2021 could bring. President-elect Joe Biden’s clean energy plan explicitly calls for longstanding Alliance priorities such as upgrading millions of commercials buildings, expanding weatherization efforts for low-income households, and a mass campaign to expand electric vehicle infrastructure. We’ll need to push – without holding anything back – to see the best energy efficiency plans that improve every American’s life into reality. Already, I can see that our passionate and dedicated Alliance team is ready to fight for the bold policies that this moment demands of us. You can read about some of our upcoming priorities in our hot-off-the-presses 2021 policy agenda – and stay tuned as we continue to develop new, innovative policy proposals throughout the year.

I could not be more eager to dive into my new role in the coming weeks and months. It’s such an honor to serve at the Alliance’s helm, and I’ll be working every day to deliver on the efficiency objectives we know can transform the energy landscape at this critical juncture. By being bold, creative, and clear in our objective of a more energy-efficient world for all, we can guarantee an exciting year ahead.




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