05/02/18 : Susan Rochford

Interested in Adopting a Systems-Level Approach to Buildings Efficiency? This Series of Online Courses Will Help Guide You.

by Susan Rochford, VP of Sustainability, Energy Efficiency and Public Policy, Legrand North America

Energy efficiency in buildings is about so much more than getting one unit online and working properly – it’s about the interdependencies and relationships between various systems and how they work together to achieve optimal results. By embracing systems-level thinking, planning and execution, building owners and operators can achieve maximum efficiency.

Legrand has proudly supported the Alliance to Save Energy’s Systems Efficiency Initiative since its inception. The Initiative champions a systems perspective and aims to provide greater insight into the potential for energy savings when buildings are designed and operated in a way that leverages this point of view.

Over the past several years, the Initiative has released two reports detailing the principles and practices that can have the greatest impact on building-level energy efficiency. The first report, Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts: The Case for a Systems Approach to Energy Efficiency, identified five key strategies for promoting a systems approach. The second report, Going Beyond Zero: A Systems Efficiency Blueprint for Building Energy Optimization and Resilience, contains 84 specific recommendations for audiences ranging from policy makers to building owners to achieve greater building efficiency.

With so much excellent content being generated around system level efficiency, I am pleased that the U.S. Green Building Council has created a new learning pathway (a guide through a series of online courses) on the Education @USGBC platform. This pathway gathers together and organizes numerous individual lessons and modules on achieving greater efficiency through a systems approach.

The learning pathway is tailored for building operators, design teams, facility managers, energy managers, contractors and engineers aiming to further reduce building energy consumption through a systems-level approach to energy efficiency.

I hope you find this learning pathway both educational and inspiring.