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08/15/14 :

Energy Saving Back-To-School Wish List

Add energy efficiency items to your back to school shopping list.

It’s back to school time! From kindergarten to college, it’s a season that can incite mixed emotions. Some eagerly await a new year of learning, but for others, the summer blues hit hard. No matter how you’re feeling as summer winds down, you can at least look forward to the opportunity to shop for new, fresh supplies to kick of the school year. If you feel guilty about your materialism, never fear. Here’s a handy list of eco-friendly, energy efficient back to school supplies that everyone can agree on:

  1. First things first: Getting out of bed in the morning. If you want to be significantly less grumpy, use Bedol’s Water-Powered Alarm Clock. No electricity used — just good, old fashioned nature powering your early wake-up call! Here’s hoping the next model is coffee-powered so you can get your dose of caffeine after hitting the alarm.
  2. Having to buy new Ziploc or paper bags every few weeks for lunch is inconvenient, expensive and wasteful. Kill three birds with one stone by switching to Laptop Lunch Bento Boxes. They’re reusable, made from recyclable materials and pay for themselves in just three weeks! As an added bonus, they even have mini-compartments inside, so you can keep your different foods fresh and separate.
  3. Can a stapler still be called a stapler if it’s staple free? If not, the Eco Staple Free Stapler doesn’t play by the rules. This stapler cuts out a tiny strip of paper and uses it to "stitch" up to four pages together, reducing metal waste. It’s also child safe (or adult safe, if you still accidentally staple your fingers).
  4. Sorry to resort to toilet humor, but Mr. Ellie Pooh Recyled Notebooks and paper products are partially made from elephant dung and are completely poo-fect! 50% recycled paper, 50% fiber from elephant dung, 100% stink free! All profits go to the preservation of the Sri Lankan Elephant so they can keep pooping more product. Ah, the circle of life!
  5. Vampire Proof Chargers are not only a great purchase for the classroom, but for the home as well. Unfortunately, they don’t repel actual vampires, but they do make sure your devices stop sucking energy after being fully charged.
  6. Voltaic Systems sells Array Solar Backpacks that can charge your iPhone, tablet, or even your laptop after a few hours in the sun! No more scrounging for a seat near the outlet during a lecture or feeling your heart sink as your phone dies in the middle of a Candy Crush level.

Whether you want to save energy and the environment or just purchase some envy-inducing school gear, these items will help you get ready for the new year. And hey, if you want to write me a thank you on your elephant poop stationary, I’ll be sure to hang it up in my bathroom.