Energy Efficiency Day is Coming Up on Wednesday. Here's How You Can Show Your Support. | Alliance to Save Energy

Energy Efficiency Day is Coming Up on Wednesday. Here's How You Can Show Your Support.

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09/30/19 /

Energy Efficiency Day is Coming Up on Wednesday. Here's How You Can Show Your Support.

This Wednesday, October 2, is the fourth annual Energy Efficiency Day! EE Day is a great chance for you to join thousands of others to spread the message about energy efficiency.

Want to show the world that you care about energy efficiency on Wednesday? Here are a few things you can do:

  • Take a new step to be more energy efficient. Here are ten ways to save on your energy bill right now.
  • Post on social media using #EEDay2019 sharing with your friends why you care about energy efficiency and spreading the word about its benefits. Use the campaign’s sample social media posts or make your own!
  • Sign up for email updates from the campaign.


Last year, people across the country promoted Energy Efficiency Day on social media.

The Energy Efficiency Day message is simple: “Save money. Cut carbon. Breathe easier.” Individuals, organizations, companies, and public officials across the country will take steps to reduce energy waste and share social media posts promoting the benefits of energy efficiency.

More than 500 local governments, universities, organizations, corporations, and utilities have signed on as supporters this year, and states and cities are issuing proclamations designating October 2 Energy Efficiency Day. We were particularly excited to see the U.S. Senate unanimously pass a resolution extolling the benefits of energy efficiency and celebrating the history of bipartisan support for it.

As a steering committee member of this initiative, the Alliance is excited to participate in EE Day. You can follow us on Twitter for the latest. And here’s to a happy Energy Efficiency Day!




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