The clean energy economy has a diversity problem. Let’s change that as we build back

The Clean Energy Economy Has A Diversity Problem. Let’s Change That As We Build Back.

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07/23/21 / Paula R. Glover

The Clean Energy Economy Has A Diversity Problem. Let’s Change That As We Build Back.

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At first glance, the outlook for the clean energy economy is far more positive today than it was one year ago. Back then, I was one of many with my head in my hands, watching years of job growth be erased in a matter of days by Covid-19. In no energy sector was this as pronounced as the one I represent, energy efficiency, which had lost 360,000 jobs by June 2020.

Now we are surrounded by signs that all seem to say that full economic recovery is close at hand. The U.S. as a whole added 850,000 jobs last month, wages are on the rise, and consumer confidence is at its highest point since the pandemic began. Moreover, our leaders in Washington, D.C. seem to be on the cusp of passing a historic investment in clean energy that could fuel the creation of millions of more jobs.

That’s at first glance.

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