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Through our K-12 education program, kids are leading change every day by fighting climate change, lowering energy usage, and saving their families money on utility bills. Each small step adds up, and when a household works together to save energy, they can have a big impact. Here are five simple...

For 25 years, the Alliance has trained students to educate their peers, households, and communities about the importance of energy efficiency. So this year, the Alliance – in coordination with our New Jersey EmPowered Schools partners – created an Environmental Justice (EJ) unit that...

Last month, the White House launched the National Building Performance Standards (BPS) Coalition, a partnership with 33 state and local governments committed to co-designing and implementing equitable building performance standards along with upgrading building performance...

The infrastructure bill includes a critical provision providing $225 million in grants over five years to state and local governments to adopt updated building energy codes and to train the workforce. This funding will...

There are two very important parts of the Alliance to Save Energy’s mission, both of which I find very appealing. One is a belief that saving energy through efficiency or conservation is a powerful force for good in the world...

We’re examining common misconceptions about heat pumps – and explaining why these concerns typically no longer apply.




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