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PDF 2022 Stars of Energy Efficiency Awards Nomination Guidelines
PDF EE Global 2022 Prospectus
PDF Energy Efficiency Impact Report 2022 Prospectus
PDF Active Efficiency Collaborative 2022 Prospectus
PDF Evening With the Stars of Energy Efficiency Awards Gala 2022 Prospectus
PDF Energy 2040 2022 Prospectus
Blog Post From Paula Glover: Teeing Up the Next Decade of Energy Efficiency Leadership
PDF DOE Response to Request for Information on Energy Improvements at Public School Facilities, May 18, 2022
PDF DOE Response to Request for Information on Revolving Loan Fund Programs, May 6, 2022
Blog Post Now Is the Time to Invest in ENERGY STAR
Blog Post The Future of Energy Efficiency: Active Efficiency at EFX22
PDF FY2023 Federal Energy Efficiency Funding
PDF FY2023 Coalition Letter of Support for ENERGY STAR, Apr. 28, 2022
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PDF Comments on ENERGY STAR Home Improvement Program Requirements, Apr. 15, 2022
Blog Post 4 Tips to Increase Fuel Efficiency and Drive Smarter
PDF Letter to California State Senators on Water Efficiency Legislation, Apr. 11, 2022
PDF Letter to Congressional Leadership on Energy Efficiency Provisions in Budget Reconciliation, Apr. 8, 2022
Media Release Alliance President Paula Glover Urges Congress to Prioritize Efficiency as Climate, Cost Saving Opportunity
PDF Written Testimony to Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, Apr. 7, 2022
Blog Post Weaving Environmental Justice Into Energy Education
PDF Letter to Biden Administration on Energy Security, Mar. 31, 2022
Blog Post Efficiency 101: What are the main federal energy efficiency programs?
Blog Post The Alliance Turns 45: Writing the Next Chapter in Energy Efficiency’s History
Blog Post Efficiency 101: The Defining Moments of Energy Efficiency
PDF Letter to Congressional Leadership on Energy Efficiency Provisions in Budget Reconciliation, Mar. 16, 2022
PDF Statement for the Record, Senate Hearing to Examine the Use of Energy as a Tool and a Weapon, Mar. 16, 2022
PDF Letter to EPA Administrator on ENERGY STAR Appropriations, Mar. 16, 2022




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