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Remembering Arturo Echeverria

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03/10/21 / Kateri Callahan

Remembering Arturo Echeverria

Arturo Echeverria

Pictured above from left to right: Kent Anson, Tom Cantania, former Alliance President Kateri Callahan, Conrey Callahan, former Mexico President Felipe Calderón, Angelina Herrara, Arturo Echeverria, and Peter Smith. 

The “EE Heavens” are not quite as bright this week, having lost one of its most important stars, Arturo Echeverria, on February 28. A true and hugely impactful champion of energy efficiency, Arturo ignited the important EE work that began in Mexico in 2002 while also playing an out-sized role in bringing government, business, and environmental/energy efficiency leaders from around the world to support and help drive energy efficiency across the economy of his country.

Along his important journey, Arturo earned the respect, admiration and the true friendship of a legion of people, like me, who watched his quiet and unassuming leadership with awe as he made things happen that we thought impossible at the time. What did he do?

Well, the “short list” includes founding and serving as both Chairman of the Board and President of AEAEE/ALENER, the non-profit organization that is credited, rightly, with the Mexican government putting a priority on improving the energy efficiency of its building stock. A key accomplishment for which he and his great friend Oden de Buen, the Director of CONUEE, are credited is the establishment in 2016 of Mexico’s first energy efficiency code (IECC – Mexico), which is driving energy efficiency across the 2,000+ communities that are Mexico.

Arturo introduced the concept of net-zero energy (NZE) buildings in Mexico, spearheading an effort that culminated in the showcasing of NZE homes during COP-16 in Cancun in 2010 to then-President Felipe Calderón and other world leaders. Through Aruturo’s leadership, key Mexican government agencies including the CONUEE, FIDE, and INFONAVIT began and now continue to make energy efficiency a national priority.

Arturo reached out globally for the best ideas and people to help Mexico and in doing so, spread his own sphere of influence and advocacy through leadership and involvement in U.S. and international organizations like the Alliance to Save Energy, IEA, ICC, and NAIMA. Arturo helped to establish the Alliance’s EE Global series, serving on its steering committee and attending/supporting every single one of the conferences held to date.

In addition to the work he did on behalf of so, so many others, Arturo also built and ran a successful business, serving as the President of the Board and CEO of Aisiantes Minerales, S.A de C.V. and raised four outstanding children, of whom he was enormously proud, alongside his revered wife, Maria Rosa.

Energy efficiency and environmental advocates lost one of our most “unsung” but highly effective champions, and countless people around the world – like me – lost a dear friend. While he will be missed sorely, his huge legacy will live on and he will not be forgotten.




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