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Celebrate the Defining Moments of Energy Efficiency This Week at EE Global Forum

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06/13/22 /

Celebrate the Defining Moments of Energy Efficiency This Week at EE Global Forum

Energy Efficiency Global Forum 2022

We are just days away from EE Global Forum 2022, the signature energy efficiency event hosted by the Alliance, on Wednesday, June 15. We are thrilled to be returning in person in Washington, D.C. for the first time in two years and interact, network, and collaborate with the energy efficiency community once again. Whether you’re already counting down the days or are just hearing about the event now, here are our top three reasons why you should join us this Wednesday. You can register and find out all the agenda details on the EE Global Forum website.

1. Hear from a range of perspectives

EE Global is where the who’s who of energy efficiency leaders gather. We’ve lined up an insightful roster of speakers from the private and public sectors – from multi-billion-dollar corporations to nonprofits, from U.S. congressmembers to celebrated authors – to provide the wide range of expertise that’s needed for attendees to walk away with a full picture of efficiency today. Sit in on a panel discussing the pace of global investments in energy efficiency in the morning, then join a conversation on equitable workforce development during the afternoon.

2. Get the inside intel

For the first time in years, energy is a dinner table topic. But what’s going on behind the scenes? If you want to hear the inside scoop from top experts, don’t miss out on EE Global’s fireside chats with Congressman Paul Tonko (D-NY) and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Daniel Yergin.

Yergin will be discussing the role of energy efficiency in the geopolitical energy debate, drawing on his expertise as written in his latest book on global energy policy, The New Map. Rep. Tonko will be breaking down the Weatherization Enhancement and Readiness Act – legislation he recently introduced that would fill a vital ‘efficiency gap’ in federal weatherization funds, which bars many homes in underserved communities from receiving weatherization assistance due to outstanding health and safety concerns. If passed, this legislation would alleviate families’ energy burdens and improve equitable access to energy efficiency by helping underserved communities overcome preexisting structural, plumbing, and electrical issues in their homes. EE Global will offer a first look at these pressing issues and their solutions.

3. Celebrate the Defining Moments of Energy Efficiency

This year’s EE Global theme is the Defining Moment of Energy Efficiency. Over the decades, our energy system has been shaped by defining moments that have transformed how we produce, consume, and understand our energy needs. The Alliance has witnessed many of these moments over our 45-year history, and in our anniversary year, we’re celebrating the successes of the energy efficiency movement. But as environmental, economic, and equity challenges converge with the ongoing pandemic, it’s clear that our generation’s defining moment is now. We have an opportunity to meet this moment and build a brighter energy future: one with a cleaner environment, economic opportunities for the most vulnerable communities, and accessible and affordable energy for all. Join us for a fireside chat with Alliance Paula Glover to hear about the Alliance’s upcoming Energy 2040 initiative and examine the new policies, technologies, and investments needed to transform our energy system.

Don’t want to miss out? Register now before it’s too late! Still got questions? Learn more about the agenda and speakers on the Forum’s website, or contact events@ase.org.




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