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2022 is a special year for the Alliance to Save Energy: We’re hosting our 15th EE Global Forum, the 30th ...

The Alliance to Save Energy’s 2022 Policy Summit, hosted in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, March 10, brought together policy and industry leaders to discuss the current state of energy efficiency legislation. 

Yep, it’s tax season again, and as you scramble through receipts and navigate ever-changing provisions and rules, we’re here to ensure you don’t miss a chance to save some money by claiming energy-efficient improvements to your home on your tax return.

One year ago this week, President Joe Biden entered the White House with a moving truck full of climate and clean energy promises in tow. Biden made climate action a focal point of his campaign,...

While the one constant this year may have been change, the Alliance had exactly the right people – and exactly the right mission – to not only manage the uncertainty, but to come out ahead with one of the most notable years for energy efficiency since our founding.

Unsurprisingly, a number of policy issues stand in the way of passage of the bipartisan infrastructure package and the Build Back Better reconciliation legislation currently pending in Congress. Much less controversial is the bipartisan support for addressing climate change by making our housing...




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