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When it comes to energy efficiency, homes and buildings provide an enormous opportunity. We’ll be discussing how best to inform green building strategies that help with real-world issues and exploring the latest in green building technology platforms at our USGBC Live conference on June 9...

While only one team can claim the Stanley Cup next month, many National Hockey League teams and arena operators are showing that they want to win when it comes to energy efficiency.

Alliance President Paula Glover introduces the Alliance’s new initiative and EE Global 2022.

We are facing a defining moment in our energy system – that’s why when we at the Alliance discuss the future of energy efficiency, we point toward the power of Active Efficiency technologies. On April 15, Alliance President Paula Glover met with industry leaders to discuss the future of Active...

Heat pump water heaters deliver superior energy savings and are a key decarbonization strategy that policymakers across the ideological spectrum support. Although not exactly a new technology – Rheem has manufactured heat pump water heaters for more than 40 years – a combination of step-change...

There are countless state, local, and private-sector initiatives that have contributed to the U.S. doubling its energy productivity over the past decades, but many have a...




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