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Media Release 04/05/10 New Reports from Alliance to Save Energy Find Consistency, Stakeholder Engagement Keys to Improving Energy Efficiency Program Evaluation
Media Release 04/01/10 New National Water Heater Standards Give Energy Efficiency a Major Boost
Media Release 03/31/10 'Homegrown' Energy Efficiency is Basis of U.S. Energy Security, Should be Foundation of U.S. Energy Policy, Says Alliance
Media Release 03/11/10 Senate Hearing Puts HOME STAR’s Job-Creating Potential in the National Spotlight
Media Release 03/11/10 Cynthia Adams Hired as New ‘LEAP’ Executive Director To Promote Energy Efficiency in Charlottesville, Virginia
Media Release 03/05/10 Alliance to Save Energy Supports Obama’s Call for ‘Clean Energy Jobs’ to Unleash Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency
Media Release 03/02/10 Alliance to Save Energy Says Home Star Helps Homeowners and Job Seekers
Media Release 02/17/10 Premier International Forum on Energy Efficiency: Alliance to Save Energy’s EE Global 2010, Washington, D.C., May 10-12
Media Release 02/01/10 More FY 2011 Funding for Energy Efficiency Means More Jobs, More $$ Savings for American Consumers, Businesses, Says Alliance
Media Release 01/28/10 Alliance Urges Obama to Push Energy Efficiency, As Engine of Job Creation, in State of the Union Address
Media Release 01/12/10 Alliance to Save Energy Celebrates Dr. Arthur Rosenfeld, 'Father of Energy Efficiency,’ with Contribution to Endowed Chair at UC Davis as He Retires from CA Energy Commission
Media Release 01/04/10 Rebate Program for Home Retrofits Seen Included in Final ‘Jobs’ Bill
Media Release 12/17/09 Federal Loan Guarantees for Energy Efficiency Building Retrofits Will Create Jobs, Lower Energy Bills, Says Alliance
Media Release 12/15/09 Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency Go Far Beyond Sex Appeal, Says Alliance to Save Energy
Media Release 12/08/09 Alliance to Save Energy Praises President Obama For Using Energy Efficiency as Key Job-Creation Tool
Media Release 12/02/09 New Water Heater Efficiency Standards Deliver Savings – But Not Enough
Media Release 12/02/09 DOE Launches Save Energy Now LEADER Program
Media Release 11/05/09 Alliance Commends Senate Committee for Advancing Climate Bill That Encourages Use of Energy Efficiency to Lower Carbon Cap Cost
Media Release 11/03/09 New Outdoor Lighting Agreement Will Reduce Need for New Power Plants While Improving Lighting Quality
Media Release 10/30/09 International Code Council Committee Sets Stage For Landmark Boost In Energy Efficiency of US Homes