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On the Road

Alliance National Campaign

As part of the Energy 2030 initiative, the Alliance to Save Energy launched Energy 2030 On the Road, an education, outreach, and action campaign aimed at getting communities and states across the nation to adopt the Energy 2030 goal of doubling energy productivity by 2030.

The Energy 2030 On the Road: A State and Local Campaign report details the Energy 2030 recommendations geared towards state and local governments, and outlines the components of the state and local campaign. 

Campaign Stops

The Energy 2030 On the Road outreach effort focuses on 12 key states and communities within those states: California, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, Texas and Washington.  

A crucial element of the campaign is the convening of key local stakeholders in targeted communities. These events serve to educate the community and state leaders about the campaign, to detail the need for their participation and ultimately to secure endorsements of the Energy 2030 goal to put in place policies that allow the community to achieve a doubling in energy productivity by 2030.

The Energy 2030 On the Road Campaign Stops report provides additional details about the successes of, and takeaways from, each campaign stop. 

Accelerate Energy Productivity 2030 

In 2014, the Alliance partnered with the Department of Energy and the Council on Competitiveness to amplify President Obama's goal of doubling U.S. energy productivity by 2030. Accelerate Energy Productivity 2030 seeks to build support for energy productivity by garnering endorsements of the goal and catalyzing action in the public and private sectors through a series of dialogues aimed at co-creating a road map for doubling U.S. energy productivity. 

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