High Hopes for Energy Efficiency Legislation in 2014 | Alliance to Save Energy
12/23/13 :

High Hopes for Energy Efficiency Legislation in 2014

Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Rob Portman are still working hard to bring the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act back to the Senate.

In the last days before the Senate broke for the holiday recess, the bill’s two sponsors took to the Senate floor to highlight the benefits of the legislation. Senator Portman emphasized, “It makes environmental sense, makes good energy sense, makes good economic sense. It makes sense.  It will move this economy forward.” Senator Shaheen reiterated the bill’s benefits, telling the floor, “This is a win for job creation, it is a win for the environment, it is a win for national security, and it is a win for saving costs."

“I am confident we can pass this legislation if we can get it back to the floor.”  - Senator Shaheen

Senator Shaheen also made a special thank you to the Alliance to Save Energy and our supporters for our efforts on this legislation. The Alliance commends the Senators on their tireless efforts and we look forward to successful passage of the bill in 2014.

You can help the bill’s prospects for 2014 by taking action yourself and telling your Senators that Shaheen-Portman is the path to a stronger, more energy-efficient America. Click here to take action!