Celebrate Energy Efficiency Day With These Energy-Saving Tips

Celebrate Energy Efficiency Day With These Energy-Saving Tips

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09/20/21 /

Celebrate Energy Efficiency Day With These Energy-Saving Tips

Energy Efficiency Day

Here at the Alliance, we’re preparing for one of our favorite events of the year coming up on Oct. 6 … Energy Efficiency Day! This annual event celebrates energy efficiency’s role for saving on energy costs, reducing carbon emissions, and creating clean jobs. Have you decided how you’re going to celebrate? If not, we’ve assembled some tips to help you save energy on Energy Efficiency Day and beyond: 

1. Utilize natural air and light

The seasons are changing –  why not take advantage of autumn? As the temperature cools down, open your windows instead of blasting the A/C. When it hits golden hour, sit near a window to complete your work instead of using artificial lighting. Not only will these activities cut back on your energy bill, but exposure to sunlight and fresh air may improve your mood as well as we head into the long months of autumn. 

2. Turn down the heat

Water heating alone accounts for about 19% of the energy use in your home, according to the Energy Information Administration. Most of your washing machine’s energy use is from heating up water –  cut down on this by washing your clothes on cold, which will also help your clothes last longer. But to save whenever you do need warm water, the Department of Energy recommends you turn your water heater’s temperature down to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, as you can save up to 5% on water heating costs for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit lowered. 

3. Light it up with LEDs

LED lightbulbs use up to 90% less energy than incandescent lighting, according to ENERGY STAR. They also are a good investment, lasting 35-50 times longer than incandescent bulbs. One power company even calculated that over the course of their lifetime, LEDs cost about five times less than incandescent bulbs. This is an easy, high-impact shift to make, especially if you’re renting and don’t have the ability to make bigger retrofits to your home. 

4. Pick smarter power strips

Make the switch to smart power strips – an inexpensive way to introduce Active Efficiency into your home. Just like a normal power strip, you can use smart power strips to plug in several devices, but the strip can detect when devices are in standby mode to eliminate costly “vampire loads.”  You can purchase a smart power strip for as low as $15.

5. Bring in an expert

If you’re ready to take the next step in your efficiency journey, consider scheduling a home energy audit. An auditor will determine where you could make the most meaningful efficiency upgrades in your home and advise you on the improvements to invest in, from switching to an efficient showerhead to installing a smart thermostat.

6. Double down on insulation

One of the best methods of retrofitting your home for efficiency is by taking a look at your insulation, windows, and doors. In the colder months of the year, lots of energy used to heat your home is wasted due to insufficient insulation and sealing. Replacing single-pane windows can reduce your energy bills up to $465 a year. According to ENERGY STAR, sealing air leaks and adding insulation can add up to 10% savings on your annual energy bills.

7. See if you’re eligible for help

If you’re worried about the cost of making energy-efficient upgrades, there are several public and private programs that can make these changes more affordable. Check your local utility’s website for efficiency incentive programs. You may also qualify for the federal Weatherization Assistance Program, which can help low-income households cover the cost of improvements, or the Sec. 25C tax credit for purchasing energy-efficient equipment or services

8. Speak up for efficiency

Private and public programs are proven to help more households and businesses access the cost and emission savings of energy efficiency. Share your support for these initiatives! For example, the Main Street Efficiency Act can help bring affordable energy efficiency improvements to small businesses across the country – send a letter to your members of Congress letting them know its importance today. Find out other ways you can take action on Energy Efficiency Day and ask your local and state governments to issue a proclamation supporting the holiday.

Energy efficiency is a win-win solution –  it helps protect the climate by cutting down on carbon emissions while also saving you money on your energy bill. Let us know how you’ll be participating in Energy Efficiency Day by tweeting #EEDay2021 at @ToSaveEnergy





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