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39 New Jersey Schools Participate in PowerSave Schools Programs

South Jersey Gas

39 New Jersey Schools Participate in PowerSave Schools Programs

New Jersey’s PowerSave Schools programs have once again expanded. South Jersey Gas has opened its program to include 11 schools, bringing the total to 39 participating schools throughout the state.

The PowerSave program engages students, teachers, and administrators in learning about and practicing energy efficiency. The turn-key program takes students through their everyday energy use and encourages them to think critically about how to reduce waste and get more from the energy they use. As a team, they solve real-world issues within their schools and communities, empowering them to change their daily behaviors and educate others about the importance of efficiency.

On February 12, 2019, Team Leads came together to prepare for their spring activities and learn about the incentives they can take advantage of in their schools and as homeowners through the South Jersey Gas Smart Energy Partners program.

Students and teachers are gearing-up to perform energy audits around their schools, which will help them identify some of the behavior changes that can be implemented immediately. They’ll be exploring how their lighting, HVAC, and water contribute to energy consumption. Based on their assessments, students will draft recommendations to their school’s administrative staff to optimize their learning environments while saving energy.




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