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The Alliance’s Industrial Program provides outreach, research & analysis, advocacy and standards development services for federal, state, utility and private sector organizations to advance energy efficiency in industry.

The country’s 200,000 factories, refineries, steel mills, and other industrial plants account for about 32% of domestic energy use.

Energy Use in the Industrial Sector

The United States is the world’s largest manufacturer. The country’s nearly 200,000 factories, refineries, steel mills, and other industrial plants consume approximately 30 Quadrillion Btu annually to process raw materials and make the products we use every day – all of which accounts for about 32% of domestic energy use. Because of the maturity of the installed base of many industrial plants and the frequently changing structural composition of the industrial sector industrial energy consumption represents a considerable opportunity for energy efficiency.

Benefits of Energy Efficiency in Industry

An energy-efficient industrial sector in the United States increases productivity, enhances global competitiveness, and creates jobs.  Because the industrial sector has a wide variety of large and small energy users and extensive supply chains, dissemination and replication of energy saving technologies, projects, and best practices can yield significant energy savings. 

How the Alliance Helps Industry Save Energy

To harness the significant potential for dramatic gains in energy efficiency, the industrial sector is increasingly embracing energy management, adopting energy-efficient technologies and best practices, and advocating for policies that support research on advanced manufacturing processes.

The Alliance has worked to advance industrial energy efficiency for more than 25 years by supporting technology solutions and energy efficiency programs, promoting best practices, performing research and analysis, developing standards, and furthering national energy efficiency policies.  Continued work in the sector will focus on the adoption of energy management systems, working with U.S. CEEM, water and energy efficiency as well as promoting deployment of advanced and clean energy technologies to promote the acceleration of energy efficiency in U.S. industry.




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