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Demand is the New Supply Forum (Alliance Members Only)

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Demand is the New Supply Forum (Alliance Members Only)

Wednesday, February 28, 2024 : 02:00pm
Wednesday, February 28, 2024 : 03:00pm


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Join us for an insightful webinar as we unpack the key findings from our latest white paper, "Demand is the New Supply—Affordable Grid Stability through Demand-Side Solutions." Developed in collaboration with DNV, a leading independent assurance and risk management provider, and supported by Carrier, this white paper offers crucial insights into active energy efficiency solutions in the residential built environment, paving the way for a reliable, affordable, and equitable energy transition.

Key Highlights from the White Paper:

  1. Addressing Critical Challenges: Effective strategies to manage grid load in the face of environmental concerns, technological advancements, and growing energy demands.

  2. Cost and Environmental Advantages: How demand-side solutions offer a cost-effective, cleaner, and quicker alternative to traditional supply-side resources.

  3. Path to Energy Equity: Early involvement of marginalized households in demand-side solutions contributes to both grid stability and a more equitable energy future.

Our distinguished speakers from DNV for the event include: Teague Douglas, Senior Consultant, Strategy, Markets & Risk, David Barclay, Strategic Advisor for the Energy Transition and Dr. Shawn Bodmann, Director, North America Energy and Climate Equity.

This webinar is open to everyone, and we encourage you to share this invitation with your networks. Let us come together to explore the transformative potential of demand-side solutions and their role in shaping a sustainable energy future.

Guest Speaker Bios:

David Barclay is DNV North America’s Market Area Manager for Demand Side Management. He has nearly 20 years of experience working with energy efficiency programs including active energy efficiency. He works collaboratively with senior leaders to develop and implement strategies for achieving higher levels of savings. In this role, he draws upon his extensive experience designing, administering, and evaluating energy-efficiency programs. His experience with energy efficiency efforts includes identifying challenges, opportunities, and improvements to increase participation. He has authored or co-authored more than two dozen papers and presented at dozens of leading industry conferences.


Teague Douglas is a Senior Consultant at DNV with demonstrated results in helping companies introduce and scale emergent technologies through energy utility programs and end-use customers. Her experience as a strategist and implementer in the clean energy space has positioned her to excel at synthesizing market trends and client needs and translating technical information to provide useful insights and actions for developing new products, road mapping go-to-market strategies, and launching new programs.





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