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CHP Association Webinar on "Scoring LEED Points with CHP"

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CHP Association Webinar on "Scoring LEED Points with CHP"

Wednesday, July 22, 2015 : 02:00pm
Wednesday, July 22, 2015 : 03:00pm
University Club : Washington, DC

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The EPA CHP Partnership (CHPP) and the CHP Association (CHPA) will co-host a webinar about the LEED® point impact CHP can have on buildings seeking LEED® certification.

CHP, also known as cogeneration, has a long record of providing buildings with reliable electricity, steam, hot water, and cooling with lower cost and emissions than grid-supplied electricity and an on-site boiler. New modular CHP units, absorption chiller improvements, and 3rd party ownership models have also made CHP more viable for a wider array of applications. And, because of its superior energy efficiency and lower energy cost, CHP can earn buildings seeking LEED® certification significant LEED® points.

This webinar will highlight:

• The significant LEED® point impact CHP can have on buildings seeking LEED® certification

• How CHP is accounted for in the LEED® for Building Design and Construction: New Construction and Major Renovations rating system (LEED® BD+C: New Construction).

• The contribution of modern absorption chillers to efficient building design and a building’s LEED® score

• Case studies of successful CHP systems that helped buildings meet LEED® certification goals

Speakers include:

• Gary McNeil, EPA CHP Partnership

• Charlie Goff, Eastern Research Group

• Doug Davis, BROAD U.S.A.

• Diane Molokotos, Aegis Energy Services

• Jeff Beiter, Capstone Distributor, E-Finity Distributed Generation




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