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Efficiency Provisions: Senate vs. House Energy Bills


A lot of energy consumption happens indoors, making buildings an important target for energy efficiency. And the energy efficiency toolkit is getting smarter: emerging innovations around building systems and grid-interactive technologies are combining with proven solutions like high-efficiency windows and insulation to make the promise of decarbonization a reality in the buildings sector. But to get there, we need to do more to push energy efficiency into the market.


Comparison Chart: Senate vs. House Energy Bills

The American Energy Innovation Act, S. 2657, and its House companion bill, H.R. 4447, the Clean Energy Jobs and Innovation Act, provided a foundation for the end-of-year package passed in December 2020, H.R. 133, which included COVID-19 relief as well as appropriations measures for Fiscal Year 2021. The chart previewed below compares energy efficiency provisions that were included in the original House and Senate bills. 

House/Senate Energy Bill

Last updated Oct. 13, 2020. 





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