PowerSave Schools students introduce their mission | Alliance to Save Energy

PowerSave Schools students introduce their mission

New Jersey PowerSave

PowerSave Schools students introduce their mission

Students in New Jersey schools are teaming up to spread the word about the importance of energy efficiency and how it can affect our way of life and our wallets. These groups are working diligently to create awareness and share tips to save money within their schools and communities.  

New Jersey PowersavePowerSave Schools teams have formed in 39 schools across the state through funding from New Jersey Natural Gas and South Jersey Gas. These students are learning about energy consumption, and how they can curb waste and help others to do the same. They are excited to share their knowledge and to encourage state-wide implementation through easy, behavioral changes.

Children at Woodmont School in Pine Brook, NJ made a video to introduce their PowerSave Schools team and mission. Check it out.





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