2006 Alliance Annual Report | Alliance to Save Energy

2006 Alliance Annual Report


2006 Alliance Annual Report

President John F. Kennedy once remarked that great crises produce both great men and great deeds of courage. We stand today in the long shadow of our country’s first energy crisis, in the mid 1970s, which challenged our Nation. Senators Charles H. Percy and Hubert Humphrey responded with great deeds and courage – creating an enduring legacy with the founding of the Alliance to Save Energy in 1977.

Their call to conserve energy has been answered by government leaders, presidents and captains of industry, as well as everyday citizens and consumers whose lives have touched and been touched by this organization.

One Year of Progress, A Future of Possibilities

In 2007, as the Alliance to Save Energy celebrates its 30th anniversary, energy again dominates the news. It is a topic of discussion and debate for government leaders, business owners and consumers. Not so long ago, crude oil was selling for less than $25 a barrel, and motorists across the country could regularly find gasoline for under $2 per gallon. Today, the country is faced with uncertain supply and prices, political instability in oil-producing regions and increasing alarm over the environmental impacts of fossil fuels.

What to Look Forward to in 2007

As a result, Congress will consider significant energy and environmental legislation in the coming year and throughout the 110th Congress. For the first time in decades, federal, state, and local leaders, consumers, energy providers, the environmental community, scientists and business owners are coming together on the issue of clean, sustainable energy. There is no question that we need a viable, balanced and fair solution – a solution that allows the economy to grow and prosper, offers consumers competitive prices, protects our national interests, preserves our environment and guarantees future generations the freedoms and
resources we currently enjoy.

What We Accomplished in 2006

The Alliance redoubled its efforts toward that goal in 2006, working with policymakers to implement and secure funding for the important energy-efficiency provisions in EPAct 2005 and to pursue other critical energy issues. The organization also continued its longstanding tradition of educating the next generation of consumers through its Green Schools and Green Campus programs and a series of highly successful communication campaigns.

After three decades of promoting energy efficiency, we find ourselves as an organization – and as a country – at a unique moment in history. Energy efficiency and conservation are enjoying a renaissance, led largely by renewed commitments from industry and a growing public interest in sustainable solutions to what many perceive as a mounting energy and environmental crisis.

Looking forward, the Alliance will continue to promote energy efficiency as the cleanest, quickest and most economical means to extend our world’s energy supplies, reduce demand and address global climate change.




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