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2003 Alliance Annual Report


2003 Alliance Annual Report

Continuing to deliver, as it has throughout its 27-year history, the Alliance to Save Energy further built its reputation in 2003 as the source for timely, reliable, unbiased information—and action—on energy efficiency. Despite internal and external changes and challenges—notably the need for internal reorganization, a sluggish U.S. economy, and continued evolution of comprehensive energy legislation in the Congress—the Alliance solidified its leadership in the energy efficiency field. Challenges were met by the Alliance Board and our talented staff with ingenuity and a “can do” spirit that are evidenced in the accomplishments highlighted in this report.

Accomplishments Around the World

The Alliance continued implementing energy- and money-saving projects in the U.S. and in developing countries on five continents. Through projects like the Efficient Windows Collaborative in the U.S. and the Energy Efficiency Industrial Partnership overseas, for example, the Alliance nurtured new markets for energy-efficient products and services.

Advocacy remained central to the Alliance’s mission in 2003 as it continued to press for policies to establish energy efficiency as a key component of a strong U.S. energy policy. Through work with policy-makers from the federal government to statehouses and city halls across the country, the Alliance educated policy and opinion leaders on the importance of energy efficiency—the quickest, cheapest, cleanest way to increase our nation’s energy supplies. And importantly, news coverage in national, regional, and local media in 2003 helped spread the Alliance’s energy-efficiency message to policy-makers and consumers alike.

Strong Financial Health

The Alliance’s financial health remains impressive, allowing for growth in both the scope and caliber of initiatives to further energy efficiency in the years ahead. And we are looking forward. While this report focuses on 2003, we take this opportunity to mention that the Alliance is undergoing a significant transformation in 2004 under the leadership of new President Kateri Callahan and a reinvigorated Board of Directors. The Board and senior staff of the Alliance are creating a new vision and organizational structure to assure that our shared commitment to advancing energy efficiency is realized through a vibrant, robust, and well-directed agenda that includes initiatives in our core areas of expertise: policy advocacy, research, communications and outreach, technology deployment, education, and market transformation and development.

A New Way of Working

Already, the Alliance has implemented a sweeping reorganization, establishing six major Practice Areas — Utilities and Buildings, Transportation, Municipal Services, Industry, Education, and Market Transformation — in place of the original National and International Programs Teams. Cross-cutting these practice areas are five Corporate Services: Policy, Communications and Marketing, Research and Analysis, Program Development, and Finance and Administration. These structural changes will underpin a strategic, five-year plan to further position the Alliance as one of the world’s premier energyefficiency organizations. Through the advancement of energy efficiency, the Alliance will have meaningful impact on world energy consumption.

As evidenced in this report on 2003 activities and action, the Alliance to Save Energy truly is a moving force in energy — delivering savings to consumers, enhancing the economy, protecting the environment, and assuring enhanced national energy security. We’re proud of the Alliance’s track record, and we’re excited about the future.




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