Statement of David M. Nemtzow, President, Alliance to Save Energy, on Introduction of Resource Efficient Appliance Incentives Act

Release Date: Saturday, July 1, 2000

Energy Consumers Can Save More Money

So often we hear public officials talk about how they came to Washington to clean things up. It now looks like Senators Grassley, Rockefeller, and Jeffords Congressmen Nussle, Tanner and the other cosponsors of "The Resource Efficient Appliance Incentives Act" may just do that.

This important legislation will help clean up the nation’s air. The bill will provide tax incentives for highly energy-efficient appliances that use less electricity, thereby burning less fossil fuels and emitting less pollution at power plants.

This legislation will help clean up our global climate. Energy efficient refrigerators and washers use less electricity and natural gas, thereby generating less carbon dioxide, the principal climate-changing pollutant.

This legislation will help clean up our water. Highly efficient washers tend to use less water, lessening demand on our water supply and wastewater treatment facilities.

This legislation will, literally, help clean American clothes. "The Resource Efficient Appliance Incentives Act" provides incentives for consumers to purchase high-tech new washers – which not only use fewer natural resources but perform exceptionally well.

The Alliance to Save Energy commends Senators Grassley, Rockefeller and Jeffords and Representatives Nussle and Tanner for their leadership in introducing this breakthrough legislation. These leading Members of Congress – who are all members of the Senate Finance or the House Ways and Means Committees – have worked with environmental and clean energy leaders and appliance manufacturers to write legislation that uses market-based incentives to promote a clean environment and lower utility bills.

It looks like American families will really clean up with this one.