Statement of David M. Nemtzow, President, Alliance to Save Energy, on the Administration's Decision to Uphold Washing Machine, Water Heater Standards

Release Date: Thursday, April 12, 2001

"We are very pleased that the Administration has decided to support the standards for clothes washers and water heaters."

"The simple truth is that the more you study these standards, the more you like them. However, the major energy test is what the Administration will do on the air conditioner standards, which would have the greatest effect on the nation's energy use. The air-conditioning standards alone would cut consumers energy usage by 13 percent. If allowed to stand, the air conditioner standards would increase the energy efficiency of new air conditioners and heat pumps by 30 percent, effective 2006. The energy savings from the standard would eliminate the need to build as many as 140 additional power plants by 2020. Consumers would save more than $2 billion per year on their electricity bills by 2020 if the standards go into effect."