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Statement on Congress Returning

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Statement on Congress Returning

Release Date: Monday, November 14, 2016

WASHINGTON – The Alliance to Save Energy released the following statement from President Kateri Callahan as Congress returns to Washington for the lame duck session.

“Congress has a narrow window of opportunity in the coming weeks to pass a comprehensive energy bill that would have a real impact on Americans’ lives. The Senate energy efficiency provisions based on the bipartisan Portman-Shaheen legislation will save consumers billions of dollars and stimulate innovation and economic activity across the economy, including in manufacturing.

The Portman-Shaheen bill has had overwhelming bipartisan support since it was first introduced five years ago. Every year we wait to pass it builds unnecessary pollution and inefficiency into our economy. And punting it to next year means, by definition, additional and unnecessary delays as the new Congress organizes, establishes priorities and begins the work of developing working relationships with a new administration.

There is every good reason to get the energy efficiency provisions in place now and no good reason – political or other – to delay further.  This is the kind of practical, common sense work that Americans expect from Congress, and we believe a lot of good will and credibility with the public will be built with the passage of these common sense and money-delivering energy efficiency provisions.”

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