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Shaheen and Portman Renew the Charge for Energy Efficiency

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Shaheen and Portman Renew the Charge for Energy Efficiency

Release Date: Thursday, February 27, 2014
Defying Washington Gridlock, Energy Efficiency Leaps To The Forefront Of The National Energy Debate

The Alliance applauds Sens. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) and Rob Portman (R-Ohio.) for their continued leadership in advancing energy efficiency with the reintroduction of their Energy Savings & Industrial Competitiveness Act. Incorporating 10 previously proposed amendments, this new bill creates an even more robust energy efficiency package to increase U.S. energy productivity, enhance energy security, reduce emissions, and promote economic growth.

Alliance President Kateri Callahan notes “the reintroduction of this common-sense legislation reaffirms that energy efficiency is a bipartisan, cost-effective way to address our nation’s energy challenges. I’m thrilled to see Sens. Shaheen and Portman defying Washington gridlock and ensuring that energy efficiency leaps once again to the forefront of the national energy debate.”

The strengthened package will bring the benefits of energy efficiency to all sectors of our economy—from government facilities and schools to families and businesses both big and small. An earlier version of the bill was estimated to save Americans $13.7 billion annually, create 164,000 jobs, and avoid 80.2 million metric tons of CO2 per year by 2030. But this new bill will go far beyond that, saving, as a package $16 billion annually, creating more than 190,000 jobs, and cutting carbon dioxide by the equivalent of taking 22 million cars off the road.

“I commended Sens. Shaheen and Portman for once again bringing real, bipartisan solutions to Senate leadership, and I applaud the Energy and Natural Resources Committee for making energy efficiency a priority in this year’s legislative agenda,” said Alliance Board Industry Co-Chair Jorge Carrasco.

Callahan calls on Senate leadership to move quickly to bring this legislation to the floor for a vote. “Both parties agree that advancing energy efficiency brings substantial economic and security benefits to the nation. We look forward to working with Congress to pass this important legislation and to make 2014 America’s most energy-efficient year yet,” she said.  




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