President, Alliance To Save Energy Regarding Today’s Landmark Agreement on Clothes Washer Energy Efficiency

Release Date: Tuesday, May 23, 2000

Today’s landmark agreement is about looking in the right place.

Some think the answer to our energy problems is to be found in Saudi Arabia. And some think the answer to our environmental problems is found in Kyoto.

In fact, the solution to our energy and environmental problems is found in utility rooms across the U.S.

By improving the energy efficiency and environmental performance of clothes washers we will lower our dependence on foreign oil and lessen pollution caused by the generation of electricity and burning of fossil fuels. All this while saving consumers billions of dollars and creating a secure market climate for clothes washer manufacturers and their workers to ‘do well by doing good.’

The Alliance to Save Energy is proud to have participated in this negotiated settlement by manufacturers, environmentalists, and others. We commend the parties for their creativity, energy, and commitment and thank the Department of Energy and Members of Congress from both parties for their support for the proposed efficiency standards, Energy Star levels, and tax credits.

So let us look no further for creative solutions to our environmental and energy challenges than our own homes. To paraphrase Dorothy: there’s no place like homes.