Introduction of Daschle-Bingaman Energy Legislation | Alliance to Save Energy

Introduction of Daschle-Bingaman Energy Legislation

Release Date: Wednesday, December 5, 2001

Statement by David M. Nemtzow, President, Alliance to Save Energy

“This legislation offers nice appetizers, but we await the main course."

“We commend Senators Daschle and Bingaman for their leadership in pulling together national energy legislation — legislation that, when complete, can play a vital role in strengthening America’s economy, national security, and environmental protection."

“We applaud the provisions to strengthen air conditioner energy efficiency and lower energy bills for federal facilities. We appreciate the sponsors’ commitment to include provisions to significantly improve vehicle fuel efficiency, which is essential to help lessen our dangerous dependence on foreign oil. In addition, the bill that goes to the Senate floor must include tax incentives for highly efficient homes, cars and other products, to stimulate the economy. We also call upon the Senate to include strong efficiency provisions in the electricity title.

“We look forward to the ‘main course’ — vehicle fuel efficiency and tax incentives — when the Senate considers this important legislation.”