House Energy and Commerce Committee Set to Advance Comprehensive Energy Bill

Release Date: Tuesday, September 15, 2015
A Bipartisan Outcome on Thursday Would be Best for Efficiency
A Statement from Alliance to Save Energy President Kateri Callahan

“The House Energy and Commerce Committee will meet tomorrow and Thursday to consider a comprehensive energy bill that would advance energy efficiency policy on several fronts: support for federal data center efficiency, assistance to public schools for efficiency retrofits and deployment of distributed generation, promotion of efficiency in the industrial and manufacturing sectors and consensus language to facilitate negotiations on new furnace standards.  

“Chairman Upton, Ranking Member Pallone, and their E&C Committee colleagues deserve credit for advancing bipartisan legislation to this point and setting the stage for a productive mark-up this week. September is a busy month in Washington and the Alliance is encouraged by the committee’s commitment to act on its comprehensive energy bill while other critical issues are pending. I am hopeful that the final E&C Committee bill retains its bipartisan character and remains legislation that the Alliance and our members can continue to enthusiastically support.”