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Energy Efficiency Leaps to the Forefront of Upton's Energy Framework

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Energy Efficiency Leaps to the Forefront of Upton's Energy Framework

Release Date: Tuesday, February 10, 2015
A Statement from Alliance to Save Energy's Liz Tate

“Energy efficiency is a key component of national energy policy, as indicated by the legislative framework for a comprehensive energy bill released yesterday by the House Energy and Commerce Committee. The Committee’s newly released plan is broken down into four parts, with energy efficiency one key component. The Alliance to Save Energy applauds House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Upton (R-Mi.) and his colleagues on the Committee for placing such importance on energy efficiency and its benefits within their overall plan.

“The Alliance has challenged the country to reach the bold yet attainable goal of doubling the nation’s energy productivity by 2030. The energy efficiency provisions in the Committee’s framework focus on fostering more efficient energy use in the residential, commercial and government sectors and build upon House legislation passed during the last Congress. The provisions aim to address energy demand through the establishment of voluntary programs, guidelines and improved data sharing and benchmarking to reduce costs for consumers and taxpayers. These policies lay critical groundwork for reaching the Energy 2030 goal. 

“Chairman Upton is a proven champion of energy efficiency, and he has helped elevate awareness of this valuable resource by including it as a cornerstone of this energy framework. The Alliance is looking forward to working with Chairman Upton and the full Energy and Commerce Committee to ensure that the energy efficiency title is robust and is designed to help American families save money while increasing the energy productivity of our nation.” 




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