Encouraging EPA Proposal Recognizes Efficiency's Role in Reducing Emissions | Alliance to Save Energy

Encouraging EPA Proposal Recognizes Efficiency's Role in Reducing Emissions

Release Date: Friday, September 20, 2013

Statement from Alliance to Save Energy Director Rodney Sobin

”We are pleased to see the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposal to regulate carbon dioxide from new power plants includes provisions that can enhance energy efficiency. The crediting of combined heat and power or CHP generators for recovered heat and avoided transmission losses recognizes and helps advance the use of this highly efficient energy strategy. Further, the use of output-based standards which define pollution limits based on units of useful energy output rather than on amount of fuel burned also rewards efficient production.

“As the EPA works to finalize this rule it will, as directed by the President, also develop guidelines for existing power plants— opening up a very large opportunity for energy efficiency to offer cost savings, enhanced energy reliability, and improved productivity, as well as be recognized as a key strategy to mitigate emissions. “Employing energy efficiency in our air quality strategies is a key recommendation of the Alliance’s Commission on National Energy Efficiency Policy and is important to meeting its Energy 2030 goal to double U.S. energy productivity by 2030 shared by President Obama.”

“The Alliance urges the EPA as it develops existing plant guidelines to recognize the emissions reductions achieved by growing energy efficiency investments in states, localities, and by utilities across the nation. We look forward to working with our Associates to engage the EPA into fully embracing energy efficiency as a highly cost-effective and beneficial tool for reducing emissions and protecting public health and the environment.”

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