Alliance to Save Energy Urges Policymakers, Presidential Contenders To Address Energy Policy as Heating Oil, Natural Gas, Gasoline Prices Skyrocket

Release Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2000

"Energy policy must move to the front burner of Congressional action and Presidential debate rather than rhetoric as heating oil, natural gas, and gasoline prices skyrocket, threatening American consumers," urges Alliance to Save Energy President David M. Nemtzow.

"The cause for the steep price increases," states Nemtzow, "is basic Economics 101 - demand is greater than supply. We can easily and comfortably reduce demand and be less dependent on OPEC nations for oil by simply supporting and using energy-efficient technologies that are available in the marketplace today.

"The nation still has not learned the lessons of the '70s following the OPEC oil embargo which prompted the founding of the Alliance to Save Energy by prominent Senators of both parties. Today, OPEC is in the driver's seat, and Congress has given them the keys. Congress needs to take back those keys," emphasizes Nemtzow, "through Congressional action on the following:

  • Enact tax incentives for consumers and business for energy-efficiency measures and purchases of energy-efficient homes, appliances, products, and vehicles.
  • Pass legislation requiring more fuel-efficient vehicles-cars, SUVs, light trucks. There is 'more oil in Detroit than OPEC,' and there is no reason that SUVs and light trucks are so inefficient and cost consumers so much to drive.
  • Increase federal investment in research, development, and deployment of energy-efficient technologies as appropriations measures are before Congress now.
  • Create public benefits funding for energy-efficiency in all state and federal electricity deregulation legislation to reduce the risk of electricity reliability problems as we saw in California this summer."