Alliance to Save Energy Terms Bush Administration's Order For Federal Agencies in California 'Emergency Answer To Long-Term Problem'

Release Date: Thursday, May 3, 2001

Federal Buildings Energy Waste Costs Taxpayers $1 Billion Annually

"The Bush Administration's order to California federal agencies to conserve energy is an emergency answer to a long-term problem. We need to fix the underlying problem by investing in energy efficient lighting, cooling, and controls," said Alliance to Save Energy President David M. Nemtzow.

The federal government - the nation's largest energy user - wastes $1 billion annually of taxpayer money on energy, just in federal buildings alone, according to the Alliance to Save Energy, which has been working on this issue for a decade. "We hope that this crisis will encourage the President to increase the budget for energy management rather than cut it by 48 percent as previously proposed," said Nemtzow.

To lower energy demand in federal buildings, the Alliance urges the Bush Administration to:

  • mobilize private sector investment in upgrading federal buildings;
  • increase funding for energy efficiency in federal buildings;
  • insure that federal agencies purchase the most energy-efficient office equipment.

An Alliance task force of 50 business executives exposed this energy waste in November 1998 following a two year study of federal government energy use titled, Leading By Example: Improving Energy Productivity in Federal Government Facilities.