Alliance to Save Energy Says Strong Energy Efficiency Legislation in New Congress Answers Voters’ Mid-term Election Call for ‘Back to Basics’ Approach on National Energy Policy | Alliance to Save Energy

Alliance to Save Energy Says Strong Energy Efficiency Legislation in New Congress Answers Voters’ Mid-term Election Call for ‘Back to Basics’ Approach on National Energy Policy

Release Date: Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Washington, D.C., November 3, 2010 – The Alliance to Save Energy congratulated returning and newly elected members of Congress and urged them to work together to quickly enact strong energy efficiency policies in response to the American people’s pleas, as expressed in the run-up to the mid-term elections, for a “back to basics” approach to national energy policy. The Alliance will call upon the new Congress to embrace and quickly enact energy efficiency policies that curb waste, create good jobs, enhance national security and, perhaps most importantly in the current economy, cut energy costs for American consumers and businesses.

“Polls indicate that the American people want government to embrace policies that promote self-sufficiency and independence while leaving more money in their pockets – not taking more out,” said Alliance President Kateri Callahan. “While responding to these voter demands is a tall order for the new Congress, policies that drive energy efficiency into the U.S. economy answer this ‘win-win’ policy demand perfectly.

“As a homegrown and abundant resource, energy efficiency is the cheapest, quickest, cleanest way to meet our country’s growing energy appetite,” Callahan added. “Mining the energy efficiency resource potential fully, however, requires a strong national policy framework that includes building energy codes and labeling, appliance and equipment standards, consumer and business incentives and investment in research and development.”

Even while the debate over national climate policy has grown contentious and divisive, more and more Americans – whether Republican or Democrat, Tea Partiers or Liberals – are agreeing on the importance of cutting waste out of our energy system in general and out of their own daily energy use in particular. 

Callahan commented, “Becoming more energy efficient – doing more with less – is increasing viewed by consumers and policy makers as a non-partisan, sensible and eminently ‘doable’ means for improving the quality of life here in America, from making us more globally competitive and secure to improving the air and preserving ‘Mother Earth’ for future generations.”   

As strong evidence of the bipartisan agreement on the importance of the energy efficiency resource to America, the Alliance to Save Energy enjoys the leadership of key Democratic and Republican members of the House and Senate, who serve as honorary members of its Board of Directors.  Callahan explained, “While partisanship now runs rampant in the Nation’s Capital, the need to advance energy efficiency and cut energy waste through good public policy has proven to be a goal that transcends political ideologies and an issue that incites bipartisan action, not just rhetoric.” 

Over the next few months, the Alliance will be seeking out both incumbent and newly-elected lawmakers to lead a campaign for swift enactment of bipartisan legislation to advance energy efficiency as America’s “first fuel of choice” for meeting our country’s growing energy demands while preserving and enhancing our quality of life. 

“We look forward to working with the new Congress, as we believe energy efficiency is the key to meeting voter demands that our national energy policy be affordable, effective and quick to deliver for Americans,” Callahan concluded.