Alliance to Save Energy Says Congress’ Block of Fuel Economy Standards Fuels Trucker Protest on Roads Today

Release Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2000

"Since 1995, Congress has blocked fuel economy standards more effectively than a convoy of truckers protesting high diesel fuel prices will block roads today in the nation’s capital," states Alliance to Save Energy President David M. Nemtzow, pointing a finger to one of the major causes for high diesel and fuel oil prices. "Congress has consistently refused to increase fuel economy standards.

"The protest is a symptom of a more serious problem—greater dependency on foreign oil. Although the U.S. is not as vulnerable now as the ‘70s, we still depend on more than 50 percent of our oil from foreign sources," says Nemtzow. "This nation must turn to more energy-efficient methods for the solution—from making SUVs and light trucks more fuel efficient to adopting modern building codes to using existing energy-efficient technologies in our homes and workplaces."

"The impact of our dependency," continues Nemtzow, "can been seen in a ripple effect—home heating oil costs in the Northeast have soared, gas prices have skyrocketed, and airfare and shipping costs have increased. The impact will be seen in the cost of everything from delivered goods to products, such as plastic bags, that consumers take for granted."

"Regardless of oil prices, adopting fuel efficient methods – whether applying higher fuel efficiency standards to SUVs and light trucks or simply using energy more efficiently at home – the benefits are countless to both the economy and the environment," concludes Nemtzow. "Energy efficiency cuts energy bills, increases comfort, and decreases pollution and greenhouse gas emissions."