Alliance to Save Energy Green Campus Energy Efficiency Summit At San Diego State University | Alliance to Save Energy

Alliance to Save Energy Green Campus Energy Efficiency Summit At San Diego State University

Release Date: Sunday, February 10, 2008

The 4th Annual Alliance to Save Energy’s 2008 Green Campus Energy Efficiency Summit convened a diverse group of students, faculty, staff, and administrators from 13 California State University, University of California and private campuses. Summit attendees experienced a valuable networking opportunity, presentations of best practices, structured campus planning sessions, and high caliber speakers – including San Diego State University Dean of the Division of Undergraduate Studies Geoffrey Chase, climate action plan expert Peter Garforth, and co-founder of WorldChanging and Fellow at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, Jamais Cascio. Attendees left the Summit with a deeper knowledge of the current state of, and next steps for, energy and energy efficiency issues as they pertain to campus communities and the environment.

The Green Campus Program is a student-driven internship program which features teams that work on projects that address energy waste on campus. Projects include piloting energy efficiency technologies, dorm energy competitions, and sponsorship of academic courses addressing energy and technical skills development. Primary goals of the program are to demonstrate measurable energy savings; create lasting partnerships between students, faculty and staff; raise awareness about the relationship between energy and the environment; develop replicable energy education curriculum; and provide opportunities to train, mentor and encourage future energy efficiency professionals.

The Summit represented one of the biannual program convergences which drew Alliance staff including Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Brian Castelli, Vice President for Education Merrilee Harrigan, Director of CA Education Programs Jo Tiffany, and over 50 state-wide student Interns in San Diego. Also in attendance were representatives from the UC/CSU/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership; campus-specific faculty, staff and administrators; and national program affiliates.

Sunday, February 10, was an Intern-specific day in which they participated in rigorous trainings to hone their skills for all aspects of their energy and energy efficiency projects. These included metrics tracking tutorials, marketing seminars, and career and professional support. That evening, representatives from the UC/CSU/IOU Energy Efficiency Partnership joined the Interns for a career discussion directly before a reception for all Summit attendees.