Alliance to Save Energy: Bush Fuel Economy Increase a Mere 'Drop in the Barrel'

Release Date: Friday, December 13, 2002

“The Bush Administration’s new fuel economy requirement for sport utility vehicles and light trucks amounts to a mere ‘drop in the barrel,’” according to Alliance to Save Energy President David M. Nemtzow.

“We call on the Administration to do more.” The new standard calls for sport utility vehicles, light trucks, and minivans to increase fuel economy by 1.5 miles per gallon between 2005 and 2008.

America's fuel economy is at a 21-year low. The National Academy of Sciences and numerous reports noted last year that current technology could significantly increase the fuel economy of passenger cars and light-trucks.

Current fuel economy standards require light-trucks — SUVs, pickup trucks, and minivans — to meet a fleet average of only 20.7 mpg, while the mileage requirement for other passenger vehicles is 27.5. This means that for each mile they drive, light trucks are allowed to burn about 33 percent more fuel than cars.