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Alliance Board Adds Leaders from Across Energy Sector

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Alliance Board Adds Leaders from Across Energy Sector

Release Date: Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Alliance to Save Energy’s Board of Directors has voted unanimously to add five new members to its ranks. Representing businesses across the energy industry, the new group of energy efficiency champions elected to the board includes:

  • Kim Greene, Southern Company President and CEO
  • David Hopping,  Siemens VP of Building Performance and Sustainability
  • Jane Palmieri,  Dow Chemical Business President of Dow Building & Constructions
  • Jim Pauley, Schneider Electric Senior VP of External Affairs and Government Relations
  • Heath Shuler,  Duke Energy Senior VP of Federal Affairs

“I always look forward to welcoming new members to our Board, and this incoming group of accomplished individuals is no exception,” said Alliance President Kateri Callahan. “These new board members will bring fresh ideas, experiences, and insights that will make us a stronger organization and help advance our mission to promote energy efficiency worldwide.”

Our Newest Board Members

Kim Greene
Kim Greene started her career in the energy sector at Southern Company where she worked for 16 years before moving to Tennessee Valley Authority. At both, she held high positions in areas of engineering, strategy, finance, and more. Greene returns to Southern Company to serve as President and CEO. Based in Atlanta, Southern Company is a leader in electric utilities, known for their commitment to energy innovation while providing customers with low-cost electricity.
“I’m excited about the opportunity to serve on the Board of the Alliance to Save Energy,” said Greene. “Energy efficiency is an important component of Southern Company’s full portfolio of resources and I look forward to collaborating with fellow industry leaders to promote energy efficiency through innovation.”
David Hopping
Since becoming National Sales Manager for Siemens Industry Building Technologies in 1989, David Hopping has served the company in various capacities. Hopping is currently VP for Building Automation at Siemens, a sector that provides strategic consulting, on-going performance management, and more to ensure the highest possible levels of energy efficiency in buildings.

“The Alliance’s mission directly aligns with what we are trying to achieve at Siemens – greater energy efficiency across all sectors. I’m looking forward to serving on the board and advancing our shared vision,” said Hopping.
Jane Palmieri
Jane Palmieri is currently the Business President of Dow Building & Construction, but has held a variety of positions at the company since 1995. No matter the role, smart energy solutions have always been a priority for Palmieri. She was responsible for the strategic direction and commercialization of Dow’s first line of residential solar products and has led efforts to make energy-efficient products available in markets across the States.
"Energy efficiency is a crucial part of what drives us at The Dow Chemical Company every day," said Palmieri. "I am looking forward to joining this community of forward-thinking board members and adding my own perspective on pursuing a more sustainable and energy-efficient future."
Jim Pauley
With a 28 year tenure at Schneider Electric, Jim Pauley has had an expansive career in the energy industry. At Schneider, Pauley has prioritized energy management and sought solutions for safe, efficient, and reliable energy for individuals and organizations.

“I have personally admired the Alliance for many years for their history of promoting energy efficiency across all sectors,” Pauley said. “I look forward to serving on the board and being a part of this dedicated organization.”
Heath Shuler
As Senior VP of Federal Affairs, Heath Shuler is responsible for overseeing government relations at Duke Energy. Prior to working at Duke, Shuler served in the U.S. House of Representatives for North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District, founded a real estate company, and played quarterback for the Washington Redskins in the mid-1990s after being the third overall pick in the 1994 NFL Draft. Duke Energy is the largest electric power company in the U.S. and considers energy efficiency to be the “fifth fuel” and a critical resource for energy needs.

“Duke Energy is expanding its energy efficiency offerings with customers through collaboration – we’ve worked with the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, state regulators, and others in a variety of capacities to increase efficiency in our operations,” said Shuler. “Being an Alliance board member is a great opportunity for me personally and it supports the long term goals of Duke Energy.”


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