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The Year Ahead in Environment & Energy

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The Year Ahead in Environment & Energy

Friday, January 23, 2015 : 03:00pm
Friday, January 23, 2015 : 05:00pm
Woodrow Wilson Plaza - 6th Floor : Washington, D.C.

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With the GOP now in control of Congress, President Obama forging ahead with his climate policies, environmental and energy issues will be grabbing lots of news headlines in 2015. Join the Society of Environmental Journalists and the Environmental Change and Security Program for the third annual “Year Ahead in Environment and Energy” event, where leading reporters and editors will discuss the critical issues that will shape 2015. Larry Pearl, director of environmental news for Bloomberg BNA, will present Bloomberg’s Environmental Outlook 2015, followed by a panel discussion moderated by Daily Climate Editor Douglas Fischer and featuring journalists from Wall Street Journal, InsideClimate, Dallas Morning News, ClimateWire, and more.

A reception sponsored by Bloomberg BNA, Environmental Law Institute, Resource Media, Earthjustice, and the Wilson Center’s Canada Institute and Science and Technology Innovation Program will follow.

Event Co-sponsors:

  • Canada Institute
  • Global Sustainability and Resilience Program
  • Science and Technology Innovation Program

Event Speakers:

  • Neela Banerjee, News Writer, InsideClimate
  • Jeff Burnside, Investigative Reporter, KOMO-TV; President, Society of Environmental Journalists
  • Douglas Fischer, Director, The Daily Climate
  • Lisa Friedman, Deputy Director, ClimateWire
  • Amy Harder, Energy Reporter, Wall Street Journal
  • Randy Loftis, Environmental Writer, Dallas Morning News
  • Lisa Palmer, Public Policy Scholar, Freelance Journalist
  • Meaghan Parker, Writer/Editor, Environmental Change and Security Program
  • Larry Pearl, Director of Environmental News, Bloomberg BNA





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