EmPowered Schools Education Program

EmPowered Schools Education Program

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If state and local governments are the nation’s policy laboratories, then some of the most exciting experiments – and enduring successes – are underway in the energy efficiency sector. These initiatives are supported by an array of federal energy efficiency programs including innovative financing, research and development, weatherization assistance, and building energy code training and compliance.

EmPowered Schools Education Program

Since 1996, K-12 education has played an important role in the Alliance’s mission to advance efficiency – driving down school-based energy waste, engaging households and hard-to-reach communities, and helping prepare the next generation of energy consumers and leaders.  

The Alliance’s EmPowered Schools program works with schools across the country to teach students the fundamentals of energy and provide the tools to increase the efficiency of their campuses. Students lead year-long energy efficiency campaigns and explore green career opportunities, positioning themselves to succeed in the clean energy economy.

The benefits of the EmPowered Schools program extend beyond the classroom. Students are the best ambassadors of energy efficiency within their families, social networks, and neighborhoods. They can translate the facts of efficiency into the values, stories, and campaigns that broaden the benefits of efficiency. This is particularly important in bridging the outreach gap that exists in many underserved communities.

The EmPowered Schools program also drives significant energy savings in participating schools. Schools in the U.S. spend more than $8 billion nationwide on energy – more than textbooks, computers, and supplies combined. EmPowered Schools’ no-cost behavior changes save participating schools an average of 5-15% on their energy bills, putting money back into school budgets where it can support other educational priorities and making sustainability education truly sustainable.

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